Sunday, November 5, 2017

No More Free Rides

The greedy corporate hotels of Las Vegas, namely Caesars properties, have joined with MGM in their quest to make even more money by charging for parking... Hotel guests, locals and casual visitors.
Free parking at Strip hotels was always a benefit of Las Vegas tourism.
The good thing, however, is if you apply for a MLife Mastercard from MGM, you are upgraded to Pearl Status which entitles you to park FREE at MGM properties on the Strip.
Overdevelopment is the major cause of this by MGM's T-Mobile Arena. The project opened way ahead of a parking garage to complicate the problem.
If you're planning on visiting Las Vegas, DO NOT RENT A CAR!! Parking will cost as much a your entire vacation!
In addition to paid parking issues, there is this:

Rideshare is only a couple of minutes away.
Download the LYFT app and use Promo Code "LV4YOU" for discounted rides.

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