Monday, June 19, 2017

Here We Go Again!! United Passenger Told Massive Fuel Leak Was 'Normal'

United Passenger Told Massive Fuel Leak Was 'Normal': Not only did United botch the mechanical issue, but its customer service made things worse yet again. (Credit

ARE YOU KIDDING ME.....AGAIN?!?!?!?  I will keep my United/Chase credit card, but since I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada, I can fly Southwest almost anywhere including Mexico.  Happy Landings!!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pat's Pizza, Chicago...Since 1950!

A Chicago institution since 1950.
I am a pizza snob as I was born and raised in New Jersey with NJ and NY pizza.
One cannot even compare NJ/NY to Chicago pizza whether Deep Dish, thin, or thick since they are in completely different categories. I learned this a few years ago and to compare would not be fair.  I ordered a 12 inch sausage and mushroom pie. Thin crust is GOOD and thank God it was not a cracker crust or cardboard with ketchup!!  The sauce was decent and the cheese was real. I enjoyed the "9 pieces of paper" measurement cut in small squares, not slices, apparently a Chicago thing. One MUST appreciate the fact that Pat's is a family owned institution in a setting that probably has not changed much since opening day. I love and appreciate restaurants like this! The variety of beers was well appreciated.