Monday, March 6, 2017

Living in Las Vegas...6 Month Update

Even though I considered retiring to Albuquerque at one point, it's a good thing I didn't. Aside from scenery, history and mostly good weather, there is nothing going on here AT ALL.  I would have made a horrible mistake and would have been bored to no housing is more expensive than Las Vegas.
After six months in Las Vegas, it's apparent I have made the right choice, have made many friends, and am saving saving a fortune on taxes and utilities. Since there are so many coupons, promos and "what not", one can live like a king. And What Not can be expensive!!
Good restaurants and extraordinary entertainment at every turn and this is without even going to The Strip!
This is coming from a person that had no reason AT ALL to come to Las Vegas 12 years or so ago.
I never dreamed of living here, let alone in very well planned area named Summerlin. 
I'm here to stay.