Saturday, March 5, 2016

Beautiful San Diego

San Diego, California is such a beautiful place.  The weather is always around 77 degrees (F) and very comfortable humidity, or lack of humidity is more like it!  San Diego is also "Craft Beer Central" with more than 90 breweries spread thoughout the City and County there is a never ending choice of wonderful beer, most notably West Coast Stlye India Pale Ales; high in alcohol and great in taste.  I'm a hop-head so I appreciate this.  Many brewries are also accessible by public transportation as well. 

Many food options exist as well with Mexican being the most popular of course, since San Diego is on the Mexican border.  Other choices of course include seafood.  As someone explained to me on my first visit; "This is San Diego, there is no Italian food".  I thought this was humorous, although it is partially true.  Many breweries offer pizza.  California or San Diego pizza is certainly not East Coast pizza by any means.  Generic pizza such as Dominos or Papa Johns is all over the place, but if you look hard, like I did, you can find good places.  Email me for restaurants.

As far as a hotel stay, there are many choices; Point Loma, my favorite, Old Town, Liberty Station, downtown, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and so on.  All locations offer different choices.  Del Mar and La Jolla are on the high end side and do not offer much other than just relaxation and high end offerings.  Not for me exactly, I prefer a walkable area and being five minutes from anything and everything.

I was looking into retiring to San Diego, but California taxes you on EVERYTHING including pensions and social security which is a deal breaker.  Think of it as a Sunshine Tax.

I will continue to vacation in San Diego.  Move there for good?  Nah.


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