Monday, October 19, 2015

Good Food, Poor Flight, The Good With The Bad

Back from my late September vacation in San Francisco.  First off, there are way too many Fiats there!!  Everywhere where you look, Fiats, followed closely by, what appears to be the California car of choice; Prius.  Using a Prius hybrid is understandable, but the Fiat, despite it's ugliness, seems to be some kind of status symbol, similar to having a pet chihuahua!  
Everyone has a dog!  I've always liked big dogs whether it's a Lab or a German Shepherd, but owning a Chihuahua to schlep around on your arm, especially if you're a big, fat guy is, well..., just keep a cat!  A cat is low maintenance. 
I enjoy the breweries, wine bars and restuarants of the City, but I did take particular notice that when I ordered a glass of wine with dinner, always a cabernet, the waiter/waitress offered a taste before buying a glass.  I have never been offered this on the East Coast.  My first time wine/charcuterie experience was interesting.  Without mentioning names, my first try "in the ferry building", wink, wink, was quite poor with non-caring employees, which caused me to leave, though I paid my check.  My second attempt was across town at West Coast Wine and Cheese was excellent.  Neal, the owner, took his time to educate me in the art of pairing wine and charcuterie platters and I can't say enough about the experience.
The other big highlight of my dinner experiences of the week was going to a place that was on Diners Drive Ins & Dives about three years ago; Rocco's Cafe.  Now, anyone who has read this blog or my reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp know that I am not a fan of Guy, since 8 out of 10 the places he goes to are not good, believe me!  Rocco's was the exception and I was quite happy about it.  My chicken parm with salad and pasta were exceptional and the portion size was just perfect.  Here, on the East Coast, you're given too much, feel bloated and always take home a doggie bag.  I was truly happy.
Cut to the chase...flying home on United, with a United crew, not ex-Continental, was, as usual, a poor experience. Going to San Francisco was great, as it was a Continental crew.  Coming home?  Uh uh!  
Continental, NOT United 757

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