Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fish Tacos, Fresh Bread, Surf and Turf

Watching the Travel Channel and actually being there are different things;  you cannot experience the actual taste of the food you are looking at or feel the Pacific surf on your feet from a Lazy-boy recliner. Case in point would be Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. 
An hour plus north of Puerto Vallarta, lies a very bohemian town of surfers, artists and many ex-pats who basically just hang around all day.  A lot of white people with dreads, (something I have never been able to figure out!) who eat seafood and drink beer. There is also the faint smell of weed wafting through the air, the most I’ve experienced in my many trips to Mexico…
IMG_0004   Fishing boat off of the beach at Sayulita     
IMG_0011Sayulita Beach
IMG_0025Fish and Shrimp Tacos at El Itacate..the best in Sayulita…their opinion!  Yes, they were very good!
IMG_0022VERY fresh fish tacos..
IMG_0023Four large shrimp (at least 10/12 size) on each taco..excellent!

South to El Tuito
One hour and twenty minutes south of Puerto Vallarta lies the tiny town of El Tuito, the place you go to buy the unregulated “beverage” Raicilla.
The clear, handcrafted liquid is essentially Mexican Moonshine that packs a punch.  Don’t drink more than two shots!  Enough said on that!
There is one small supermarket in El Tuito, but if you really want the good stuff, just ask anyone and they will direct you; the cheese lady, the baker, the tortilla guy and of course the Racilla lady.  Oh and don’t forget the local dentist….IMG_0092
A few blocks away was the bakery

After the sweets from the bakery, you can follow the sign to the dentists office!IMG_0094

Now for the Turf

Without question, the finest steakhouse in Puerto Vallarta is Sonora Grill Prime.  USDA Prime beef is offered for the discerning carnivore (ME) in a very upscale environment with waiters and management that know the menu inside and out and will take care of any needs.  Not to be missed.  IMG_0121
Ribeye, grilled onions, baked potato, creamed spinach and assortment of salsas
If you’re on a budget, Pepe’s Tacos has recently opened in The Marina, behind Sonora Grill, for probably what are consistently the best tacos in Vallarta.  The original downtown location remains.  The Marina location has added items on the menu and the restaurant looks fancier than downtown, but the prices are the same.  Don’t forget: corn tortillas, not flour!!


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