Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catching Up From The Holidays….

It’s a treat to dine at “old school” restaurants in any city, but New York City just has that something special thing you don’t find in a lot of cities.  Old School means just that; a place that has been in existence since 1908!  One of those places is John’s of 12th Street.  DSCN0199
I decided to order two items that were featured on TV;  Veal Meatballs and Tuscan Ragu served over homemade Pappardelle, both of which were exquisite to say the least.  Hearty veal meatballs in a red sauce and the perfectly cooked Pappardelle with the very rich Ragu!DSCN0179 - Copy
DSCN0185 - Copy
Served with bread and good red wine, you can’t go wrong….and top it all off with real New York Cheescake.  Excellent waiters, bartender and owners made for a great meal.  I’m happy!

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