Saturday, June 1, 2013

McNally's Home of the Schmitter

Quite honestly, if Guy Fieri went here, I probably would not have visited.  I really cannot trust his show since he does does back flips for everything, bad and good. But since Todd Fisher of United States of Bacon fame is more reliable and less [or not] blinged-out I trust him more.
I visited McNally's over Memorial Day weekend and was very pleased. My Schmitter was interesting and excellent as advertised along with pickles and the chopped Pennsylvania-style cole slaw.  The best part is that the snadwich did not fall apart when I took a bite.  That's a sign of a good roll!  I was surprised how small McNally's is, but then again it's been there forever and people were smaller back then!! It's a real neighborhood place in a real neighborhood in the classy Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. If you go, don't forget the homemade chocolate cake!!

The Schmitter

8634 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia

Lanza's New York City

Lanza's is one of those New York restaurants that has been serving diners real Italian dishes since 1904!  I really enjoy places like this, since it's old New York and still retains it's old fashioned values from the waiters that do not write your order down however long it may be to the original pressed steel ceiling, white linen tablecloths to original stained glass windows and more than likely I sat in a chair that could have been original. 
Co-owner Edy, is of Colombian and Italian descent and realizes the value of a historical restaurant and maintains it as such. He showed me where Frank Sinatra played cards in the back, so that's OK in my book!
My veal parm was pretty much excellent and was a BIG portion.  Most of the pasta is made in the restaurant; the sauce (or gravy) was great and very rich and the mozzarella was made in the back fresh.  I'll have to return for the ravioli and take in all the history that has made this place a gem on 1st Avenue.
Look at the ceiling!

Tomato and Mozzarella

Veal Parm

168 1st Avenue@11th Street, NYC

From Coffee & Bagels to a Real Restaurant (new owner)

Session Bistro in Maywood, New Jersey, used to be home to a bagel and coffee place under a previous owner. The place has been transformed and reincarnated into a nice smaller 
restaurant with a very interesting menu of American items with a slight Asian influence with just the right amount if choices including Korean tacos. I had Duck Au Poivre, which was very good.  I even liked the asparagus! However the Chef could not tell me where the duck was from, although I'll assume it's from Long Island. It's usually the chef that orders this right??? My family members had dishes ranging from eggplant to lamb chops, all of which were very very good, and our BYOB wine, with my new wine aerator made it even better, making by skeptic brother in law no longer a skeptic for new fangled wine accessories! WE BONDED over this!! On weekends there is live "background" music which I feel is not needed as the place is too small for the added bonus of live music, other than that, Sinatra is on CD. The homemade ice creams are excellent.

Korean Tacos

Eggplant Tower

Duck Au Poivre