Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keep This In Mind

When Chefs prepare Cajun food there are three ingredients that are essential otherwise known as the holy trinity:  green bell peppers, onions and celery.

  When students of music want to listen to music, these are the only three                    indgredients they need:

Dean, Sammy and Frank

Enough said!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Have A New Domain!!



Thursday, May 9, 2013

Las Vegas on the West Side: Capo's Restaurant & Bagel Cafe

From the outside, Capo's is a non-descript red and black/gray building sitting on W. Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas.  Enter through the back door
and you are in for something interesting. All of a sudden, you step back into the days of prohibition.  A guy's face will appear from a sliding door and, in character, asks you; "Whaddaya Want?"  You then are put on the spot to come up with something like; "I know a guy who told me to come here".  It seems like everyone in Las Vegas "knows a guy".  I can now say after several times to Vegas, that now I know a guy too, or maybe more than one!  A door, that seems to be a wall with a pay phone mounted on it opens up and this "guy" lets you in to what is a dark, dark (at least until your eyes adjust) old school Vegas speakeasy.  It really is dark in here
as all of the menus have little LED lights attached.  As your eyes adjust, you see an open kitchen, a large bar and lot's of Vegas red leather and dark wood, complete with another "guy" singing Frank Sinatra hits.
As I ordered my dinner, "Ziggy" the "guy" who let me in, sat down and we talked about Capo's, Las Vegas, etc...Ziggy is a real piano man from Chicago who wound up in Las Vegas after being knocked out by The Outfit in Chicago and put in the trunk of a car to finish off his days at Capo's.  Of course that's not true, but Ziggy plays his part good.  
I did not find Capo's to be fake or silly or even a themed restaurant, because it's not or even trying to be.  It was full of locals, which is good.  I must have been the only one there from out of town. It's off the Strip, although they do a fair amount of advertising to attract hungry visitors.  
My dinner this night was Mozzarella and Tomato salad, veal parm like mom would make and spaghetti with chocolate cannolis for dessert.  I sent back the bread.  There are a couple of things that don't translate in Las Vegas;  bread and sauce and many agree on the subject.  I enjoyed my meal AND wine in a non-pretentious 1920's speakeasy....the "guys" made me say that.  


                ........     A SCHMOOZE AND A SCHMERE      ........
                                                                                                           A while ago, I was privileged to have seen Shecky Greene, David Brenner
and other Jewish comics at the Suncoast Casino in Summerlin. I was mingling with a group of people before the show and they invited me to join them the next morning at The Bagel Cafe.  I declined since I did not know anyone and felt I would be out of place.  I should never have done that.
Now, keep in mind that Summerlin is known as Las Vegas's "Little Israel"
for good reason:  THE BAGEL CAFE!! 
I met "a guy", we'll call him LOU.  He may or may not be involved with things, but he covers a lot of ground.  He told me when I met him;
"Ricky, if anyone in this town needs tomatoes, they gotta go through me!"
Don't ask questions, just make nice!  I don't want to find out the hard way.
Really, "Lou" is a very interesting guy.
Anyway, I called "Lou" to meet me for a late breakfast at Bagel Cafe, where as "Lou" says; "Oh you like the Jewish Food!"  Yea I do...gotta problem with that?
So we met at Bagel Cafe, located oddly enough in a complex of medical and lawyers offices on Buffalo Road.  The place was busy at 11 o'clock on a Monday morning.  I've said this before, but when you walk in you know it's going to be good by the smells.  I ordered, what I thought would be a bagel with white fish spread.  What I got was a whitefish salad.  I didn't complain, just look at it!  "Lou", ordered eggs, sausage and REAL homefries, just like in a NJ or NY diner, which was really a treat, being unexpected.  But why doubt it?  It's Vegas where everything is first class.  The waiter and server were excellent, the place was spotless and was just as busy when we left as when we arrived.  
The baked goods including the cheesecakes are fresh and NOT from Costco.  The autographed pictures of celebrities hung on the wall are NOT from Ebay.  AND the smoked fish is from ACME Smoked Fish in Brooklyn.
Need I say more?!?!?
Tons of cream chees spread!

Fresh Salads

REAL bagels

REAL Homefries!

A Labor Instensive Whitefish Salad

###  ###  ###