Sunday, March 17, 2013

Albuquerque Food Finds & a Food Network Followup

I found High Noon Restaurant and Saloon while searching for a steak restaurant. The other fine dining steak houses in Albuquerque are very, very expensive and the prices at High Noon are very reasonable. I noticed Steak Au Poivre on the menu which you don't find everyday and that sealed the deal.
Walking in around 5.30 on a Saturday evening, the place had quite a few diners.  I chose to eat in the least busy part of the restaurant in order to take several pictures and did not want to disturb anyone.  My order for tonight was a side Caesar salad and the entree of Steak Poivre, medium.  Served was an excellent peppered strip (?) atop gruyere cheese smashed potatoes with freshly quartered mushrooms (you don't see that everyday) and sliced onions with a demi-glace sauce.  Very good food with attentive service.  Regrettably, the several pictures I took at High Noon disappeared off my memory card somehow.  The 7.20% Elevation IPA from local brewery La Cumbre Brewing had nothing to do with that!! High Noon Restaurant and Saloon is in Old Town at 425 San Felipe St. NW.

Off to Santa Fe: 
   As usual, being in the area, I had to go the Cowgirl BBQ to check out what Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking from Heat Seekers were unable to finish eating due to the extreme heat of their "extra spicy diablo, inedible hot sauce" which is added to the pulled pork before the sandwich is made for serving. 

So, I sat at the bar, ordered the sandwich, got some strange looks from the patrons next to me and wondered if I maybe made a bad decision.  What the hell, I'm already here and this is what I came for.  I noticed the sauce was served on the side.  I took my first bite; no problem here...
I put some sauce on the meat for my second bite; that's nothing, just a little kick! For the third bite I poured most of what was left and devoured the sandwich and excellent fries.  I thought, what is the problem?  They couldn't eat that???  I called over the manager to tell her that although the sandwich and sauce was very good, that I was very disappointed that I was able to eat it and they couldn't?!?!? They must be very sensitive!!
I again watched the Heat Seekers episode and learned the sauce was so
extremely hot that the amount of ingredients was "dumbed down" so the
customers would not continue to send it back for too much heat.  So much for that, but it was good as was the group at the bar.  Cowgirl is at 319 S. Guadalupe St. in Santa Fe, two blocks from the Railyards.

Rebel Donuts ABQ:
    A relatively new "artsy/handcrafted/non-cupcake" store has opened in the Northeast Heights and also the West Side serving freshly made pieces of delectible and edible master crafted donuts including BACON!!! 
Chocolate-Maple Bacon!

Words cannot describe these cake donuts as they all stand out including the one that made national news for paying tribute to the Breaking Bad series as a "meth donut".  Of course it's not a meth donut.  It's a cake donut wiith white glaze and clear blue (soft) rock candy that tastes like cotton candy!  Rebel is located at 2345 Wyoming Blvd. NE. 

Gummi worms and Dirt.....Pretzels and Chocolate.


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