Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shameful Self - promotion - Uncle Jacks NYC

Uncle Jacks at 9th Avenue and 34th Street,  New York City

Although I only "know" Willy Degal from his shameful "Restaurant Stakeout" on the Food Network, I had to visit one of his restaurants in New York.  The success of his business is based on service, service, service.  Although a friend and I were accommodated earlier than our reservation time, this was not an issue, even on a Saturday evening.
We both ordered the 16 ounce NY Strip, medium, plus the not included
creamed spinach, baked potato and salad, pretty much standard for New York restaurants.  The "1/2 lobster tail and full claw" was more likely a Brazilian Rock Lobster as it was VERY small.  So much for truthful menus.  The USDA Prime beef was charred and not at all tender as it should be and was a total disappointment.  The cheesecake for dessert was more like softened Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  Our waiter did offer another choice, but I stuck with it.  Service on the hand was good, but not as spectacular as claimed and was rushed. The whole experience was a major disappointment and I have done better in less expensive restaurants, including Las Vegas and even Mexico!! 
As far as his tv show is concerned, it may be entertaining, but can restaurant owners be that naive and employees that bad?  I was able to check out a couple of local restaurants that needed Willy's help and found out that certain elements of the show is "for the camera", making it a total scam.  In fact, some of the "employees" are actors!

Check the size of the tail and claw!

Charred and not very appealing

A little more than medium and not tender

Not good and about 3 inches across!

There is no shortage of steakhouses in New York City and while the service was OK, the food lacked at all costs.  And speaking of costs, this was too much for too little.


  1. Word of mouth truly makes a difference. I will absolutely be avoiding this place.

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  3. Thanks for your comment. I wrote that in 2012. Maybe the restaurant has improved since Willy is no longer on TV with his phony "reality" show. The Food Network even admitted to that fact.

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