Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quick trip to Lancaster County, PA.

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 began with a fast train ride to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a tour of the Central Market, which has been operating forever, though its original location was down the street.  An afternoon of sampling; like Costco, but actually paying for it!  The sample menu included a variety of 
"international" fare including stuffed grape leaves, Cuban sandwich, local Lancaster meats and sausages and a variety of
local Amish and Menonite confections. Loca, real whole milk chocolate milk washed the candy down for a sky high sugar buzz. 

On the way out was a vendor offering Philadelphia style, beef egg rolls.  Don't ask, don't tell applies here, but they contain cream cheese..................

Next stop was Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy. Bube's in pronounced BOO-BEES and was not a forerunner to Hooter's.
Bube's has been around since the 19th century.
A selection of brews, served up by Ryan the bar keep and a nice menu served up by the best waitresses in Lancaster County keeps everyone smiling. The Catacombs keep the beer cool, which also their fine dining area.  This is a very interesting place which can be spooky.  It was featured on Syfy's Ghost Hunters.

Next door to Bube's is yet another historical building.  It's the old Central Hotel, now named Alois with it's ancient bar.

The Catacombs dining room
Steps leading to the Catacombs

The Catacombs

Alois dining area

Alois martini bar

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