Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heat Seekers and the Food Network

Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking do this show on the Food Network entitled "Heat Seekers" in which they travel around the United States going to any and all places that serve up SPICY foods.  With that in mind, no trip of mine would not be complete unless I visited the same places, two of which were in HOT Las Vegas!

Gorditos de Camaron

My first stop was Lindo Michoacan on Desert Inn, to order "Cry Today, Cry Tomorrow Chicken".  I couldn't remember the name but was anxious to try it as I was starving.  I started a conversation with the manager, telling I saw this place on TV and blah, blah.  He offered a a sample before I ordered telling me that it is very spicy and I might not want to order it.  I said to myself, "yeah right" as I was in the middle of consuming some very good smoky mezcal, chips and excellent bean dip and salsa.  He brought me a teaspoon size sample of a deep brown and dark reddish color concoction.  I took a little of the edge of a fork and the smell of it hit my senses as soon as I put it in my mouth, not even touching my tongue, I got a burn. Another tiny hit of this and I was on fire that was coming from the seven chiles, habenero being the least powerful!!  I tried to extinguish the flame with tortilla chips.  That didn't work.  Bean dip?  Nope.  I was dying at my table and my waiter disappeared!  I walked to the door of the kitchen and had to ask for milk as my nose was running and my hair must have been standing on end. THIS IS INSANE!!!  I had already ordered an appetizer of Gorditos de Camaron; a huge, tortilla stuffed with shrimp, tomatoes and onions, flash fried and covered in cheese.  It was massive for an appetizer.  With the fire dimming down in my stomach, I had lost my appetite.  I did manage to finish the appetizer but had to cancel an entree of what would have been delicious pork.
I'll have to go back again, but next time I'll have the Clark County Fire Department standing by.

My next stop was at Rice & Co. at the Luxor Hotel for their
Fire Breathing Dragon Roll.....

Eight piece Fire Breathing Dragon roll

 Now, Arron and Roger had trouble with this.  Was it for the camera or did they really have a problem with this?  I didn't. The Sushi Master prepared an outstanding roll consisting of
sliced habanero, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, habanero powder, a drizzle of ghost pepper sauce and topped with micro cilantro.  The Master told me that crushed Pop Rocks (remember those?) were added for a sizzle effect, but I didn't notice since they must have already exploded before serving.  This was really good!  I made it through four of the eight pieces before requesting a small cup of milk.  The waitress brought half and half which was even better.  Do not be afraid to ask for milk.  The combination may sound disgusting, but it will kill a burn faster than beer.

So I casually made it through eight pieces of this gift of the sea
and had to laugh at Aaron and Roger..C'mon!!  In fact, as I was leaving, the manager told me to hang out a minute.  He returned with a gift for me:  a boxed gift of 2 sets of Rice & Co.
chopsticks.  I thanked him, but was surprised.  Was this a challenge, no.  A competition?  No, I was there alone.  I was informed that a guy about the same size and age of me quit after one bite and another guy, the same thing!!!  Dare I call them pussies?!?!  Nah, just amateur's like me!

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