Saturday, May 5, 2012

Drove My Chevy to The Levee

 I was able to observe first hand, the immediate neighborhood where the break in the floodwall occurred during Hurricane Katrina.
Although it is now seven years later and most residents have made repairs and moved back, there are still homes and buildings still boarded up in this otherwise very nice area of New Orleans, just off Lake Ponchatrain in the marina 

 Just to the right of where I was standing, you will see high rise apartments and dark wood shingled townhouses reminiscent of the Jersey Shore, several restaurants and also some brand new commercial construction in an area that was sadly devastated.

Sections of the new wall, above and below
                                                                                                                   Eventually the breach area will be turned into a park soon, hopefully 
as this would be even more devastating than the flood itself!

I was able to meet with Sandy Rosenthal, founder and executive
director of Levees.Org who has
been able to work with the bureaucracy, mainly the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in order to maintain the memory of the the area as a historic site that was not properly constructed in the first place.

Sandy also meets with groups of organized tours to show and explain the breach area.  It just seemed strange to me that 2 
buses arrived, although I was standing there doing the same thing.  It really sets your mind in action as how the hell this ever happened.

Her website says it all;
"The flooding...was primarily due to the levees failing, not the ravages of a hurricane".                                                 

All information about LEVEES.ORG can be found by

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  1. Thank you for writing about this important issue and for the photos of our beloved historic Plaque. For those wanting to know more, they can see our recently published article on the Huffington Post.