Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The United Nations I Never Knew: Corona, Queens

Destination:  Junction Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue stop on the "7 train"
to seek out another place from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives; the now world famous Rincon Criollo Cuban Restaurant!  
Walking off the train, you are immediately hit with the delicious smells of grilled/roasted/steamed foods from the many street-food vendors below. Fresh meats, drinks,
sweets and anything imaginable from Ecuador, Mexico and beyond.
Each block is a different country ranging from food carts to food trucks selling everything from pork to pozelle..and the train was a mere $2.25, so much less than a flight. 
Now on final approach to Havana, or Habana, we land at the front door of
The disco ball and rope lights lit up for a birthday suprise
Rincon Criollo.  Greeted by 3rd generation owner Rudy, we were welcomed into his house as if we were old friends.  A drink order was placed for cerveza.  Although Cuban beer is not permitted here, a non-embargoed Estrella Damm from Spain was brought to the table ahead of the order of homemade goodness.
Dinner included yucca in garlic  
sauce. It's pronounced YUKE-a
because it sounds better than YUCK-a, from what Rudy told me,and ropa vieja with bell peppers.  This tastes really homemade.  Accompanied by the must-have  Cuban black beans and rice, as well as a red beans with meat serving, both delicious, followed by what was probably the best flan EVER and an espresso. As Rudy said, "We're not a diner, drive in or a dive, we're a restaurant!" A winner, for a change, from Triple D.  Go here. 

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