Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Orleans Revisited (in several parts)

I finally made it back to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, yes things take time, and that time has allowed many new restaurants to take shape.
Not such a new restaurant is Commander's Palace, a fine dining institution that should be on everyone's list.  I have dined there in the past to stellar service; there seems to be a waiter for everything from buttering your bread to wiping your face after eating.  They do everything here except eat your dinner and follow you into the bathroom! 

 Tonight's fare pictured here include filet mignon over mashed potatoes, a cut of beef garnished with crawfish tails served over rough-cut grits and creole cream cheese cake for dessert.

Commander's has a semi-formal dress code
which apparently was not enforced this day
Several diners, including this one, were a bit annoyed to see a couple seated with the guy wearing jeans, sneakers and a shirt that was not tucked in.  Has Commander's lost their formal way of doing things in the 21st century?  Were they tourists  who were 
unaware of the dress code and admitted                                  
 because the hostess felt sorry for them?  Let's hope not.  On top of all this and an otherwise beautifully presented meal, we sent everything back except the cheesecake,and received a heartfelt apology from our waiters and the Captain. A disappointing evening.  I guess not everyone can be 100% all of the time.
Beef with Crawfish Tails over Grits
Filet Mignon over Mashed Potatoes

Creole Cheesecake


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