Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arthurs (HOT) VOODOO Sauce

Seafood Gumbo..just add Voodoo Sauce!
Strolling through the French Market you will come across a well organized store selling yet, what you think of, more spices and hot sauce.
Not true. Arthur Humphery and Tambourine Green are not "just" selling, they manufacture their own line and Arthur's family has been doing it for over 75 years.

Heat Seekers, from the Food Network, did a show featuring 
Arthur's own  Voodoo Sauce, so I had to check it out.  
I went down to the
French Market, scoped the place 
out, took a seat at the counter
and hoped for the best.
A group of fellow foodies from South Florida sat next to me and we re-enacted the scene from TV.
I poured more than a little Voodoo
Sauce into a spoon. "More than a little" means the sauce flowed out too quickly, so I said the hell with
it.  Hell and Voodoo Sauce is just that, in a good way!
Moments after my first spoonful
Voodoo Burger
of gumbo, I started with the hic-ups.  The bit of heat got increasingly more intense but was good and bread was consumed to kill off the heat, then more bread and then a couple of more pieces!

Another couple of more spoonfuls
made it taste even better.  I devoured the whole bowl, but need some sour cream to kill the burn, which lasted about 20 minutes.  As 
a "chile head", I will tell anyone to NOT drink water to kill a hot sauce 
burn.  You must have a a dairy product to quell the heat in your stomach.  A packet of sugar also works, just don't eat the packet it!

Arthur and Tambourine are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. In fact, I enjoyed it enough to return the next day for more self-
punishment by ordering the massive Voodoo Burger:  a hot sausage patty
along with 2 burgers, bacon, jalapenos, pepperjack cheese and mushrooms along with some very good potatoes...Ahhhh, proud to be an 
American...what the hell, I'm on vacation not on a diet!!!

World Famous N'awlins Cafe and Spice Emporium Website



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