Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amazingly Unexpected - Jaques Imo's

Several years ago on a flight from New Orleans to New York City, I sat next to a guy who was on his way to check up on new restaurant in New York and he told me about some sort of alligator cheesecake he serves.  What did I know? Who was this guy that knew Chef Paul and Emeril?
This "guy" turned out to be Jack Leonardi. I think of him as someone you would meet in the mythical place of Margaritaville; wearing
a Hawaiian shirt, flip-flops and walking around with a drink in hand.
I wound up eating dinner at Jaques-Imo's
after walking there to check the place out. 

Panned Rabbit over Creamy Shells and Shrimp
Alligator Cheesecake

Within 15 minutes of opening 
the place was packed and a line out the door!  Something here must be right.

This place is so laid back but don't be fooled.  The cooks, servers and waiters are running around all over the place which is why they all wear sneakers
The waiters here REALLY know their menu in and out and are among the most accommodating I've ever come across. This probably is a result of the "coaching" session I witnessed

when I walked into the middle of it before the restaurant opened.  That was interesting

The menu here is a fantastic mix Creole and Cajun; loaded with  everything from high quality fish,shrimp, oysters and even fried chicken.
My dinner this night is what is pictured along with a 20 ounce or so fresh watermelon mojito made with at least 4 tablespoons of watermelon.  A salad of baby                                       
spinach topped with a fried oyster
began the meal along with delicious corn muffins drizzled in garlic sauce, a great tasting duo.
Fresh Baked Mini Corn Muffins
Somehow over the years I overlooked this establishment, but I'm very glad I finally made it.  Between you and me, it's far and away from the building with the  
striped awning on Washington Avenue, and I got to wear shorts!!
Not to be missed.

Bar Area

 Here's Jaques website              Click on pictures to enlarge.

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