Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don't Trust The Hostess

My birthday is always celebrated with family at a local restaurant; fine dining or otherwise.  This weekend was an "otherwise" choice.  
When I called the restaurant to make a reservation, I asked the person on the phone if the restaurant uses Prime Beef.  The answer was yes.  When I called back two days later to confirm the reservation, I again asked the person, someone different, the same question.  Again, "yes, we serve Prime".
Apparently both people do not know what Prime Beef is.  
When I arrived, I was introduced to the Chef/Owner.  I asked him the same question to the reply of, "No, it's choice".  You can imagine my surprise and disappointment as Choice is supermarket quality, which at times may be good. He assured me it's very good.

                     Conclusion:  Always ask to speak to a manager.

                                            Steak au Poivre

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