Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Mexico City Tourism, Too Late for Me!

The government of Mexico City offers free coverage with
“Medical care and assistance for its national and international tourists”

To maintain and increase the quality of the touristic infrastructure of Mexico City one of our emphasis is to cover our national and international guests with medical aid and assistance in case of any emergency. The Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City subsidizes the following services:

  •  Medical assistance in case of influenza AH1N1
  •  Medical care in case of any other disease or accident
  •  Provision of an ambulance in case of an accident
  •  Hospital accommodation in case of any emergency
  •  Prescription of drugs through from cooperating physicians
  •  Emergency dental care
  •  Home transportation in case of illness
  •  Hotel accommodation for time of recovery
  •  Accompaniment of minors
  •  Home transportation in case of death
  •  Informing the emergency contacts
  •  Legal assistance in case of robbery or loss of documents or belongings
  •  Touristical Advice
  •  Event reservation in Mexico City
  •  Forwarding of forgotten belongings
  •  Assistance in case of luggage loss
  •  Assistance in case of flight delay or cancelation
  •  Call Centers, available 24 hours in Spanish, English, French, German and Portugues


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