Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day of the Dead, Almost!

Walking through Mexico City Airport on December 3, 2011 reminded me of New York's Laguardia airport; narrow corridors and outdated.  Unlike the beaches of Mexico, not much English is spoken here and US currency is not accepted.
With that out of the way, fast forward to the City itself.  The central area of Mexico City, with it's wide, landscaped streets and modern buildings is a sharp contrast to the Historical Zone with it's well maintained ancient buildings, palaces and churches.  Food is available everywhere and all the time.
Though my sightseeing and food sampling lasted only one and a half days, visiting two restaurants "as seen on TV" and one street vendor, I became horribly ill which resulted in a visit from the hotel doctor then a trip to the hospital.  
A new friend, David Lida (from Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations) highly advised me NOT to visit a particular restaurant, which of course I did.  I won't mention the name but it sounds similar to to Walmart. 
My friend Henry from New Orleans, graciously took care of me my sorting out the meds and making food runs for homemade chicken soup.  I could not eat anything else.  I caught up on Seinfeld and Scrubs reruns and became a fan of CNN World.  Richard Quest (Quest Means Business) entertained me by speaking and spitting through his teeth!


I was able to take these pictures before becoming deathly ill, though fully recovered now....

From top to bottom:  Contramar Restaurant in Condessa: Tuna
                               **Sublime!** David Lida

                               Fishmart in Condessa:  Lobster Tacos
                               **Questionable**  Richard Sachs

                               Taco stand on Ave. Juarez next to Hilton Hotel
                               **Alert the Food Police!**  Richard Sachs

                   Next Mexico vacation will be returning to the beach!

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