Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soriana vs Walmart

Soriana is a very large, Mexican owned supermarket chain. Walmart is not.
The difference here, as many tourists will tell you is like Walmart and Target.  Soriana is Target, and that means much nicer.  When I tell the locals that I had just been to Soriana, their faces glow as if to say; "Thanks for shopping at OUR Soriana and supporting Mexico."  As my cousin told me years ago, you can judge the people by the cars in the lot!  Tru-dat!  (sorry).

                  An assortment of pictures will tell Soriana's tale:
Removing cactus needles

Packaging freshly made tortillas

In-store bakery

Fresh pastries

In-store taco stand (taqueria)

In-store response team

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