Sunday, June 5, 2011

Philadelphia: Part 2

Cheesesteak Empanadas
After a hearty sandwich at DiNics, it was time to think about dinner at another one of "Triple D's" places to visit; Good Dog Bar & Restaurant.

 More of a bar that serves food and plays LOUD metal music it was OK.  Guy Fieri went crazy for their Cheesesteak  Empanadas.  I went less crazy almost to the point of boredom.
The funky tasting dipping sauce that accompanied the empanadas was something to think about..thinking about sending it to lab for testing!

An order of Buffalo Fried Shrimp was a little better and more attractive, accompanied by bleucheese dressing and celery.
The beer choices were very good, both bottles and drafts. I have to say that the wait staff was exceptional.  After finishing both appetizers, we were informed of the following:
"We're known for the burgers, everything else sucks!"   Check Please!

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