Monday, March 28, 2011

Knights of the Roundtable

Some people may consider Murphy's Mule Barn, in northwest Albuquerque, a historic gathering place since it has been there forever.  Originally a truck stop on Northwest 2nd Street, the fuel pumps were removed after I-25 was built a little bit to the east and truck traffic dwindled.  
This happened in the late 1960s as I was informed by a longtime customer.
 Inside there is a large round table where, again I was told, where everyday for the past 30 years sit a group of men who have breakfast and discuss the news, politics and happenings in Albuquerque and New Mexico.  Judging by the cowboy hats of some and the clothing and appearance of others, it seems hard to think they are engaged in heavy duty conversation. It just seems ironic but it goes along with the pun intended.   There is even a plaque on the wall with their names and some blank spaces.  You see, when one of the group dies, their name goes up on the plaque and a seat opens up for a new face.  There is a long waiting list.  

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