Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green or Red? And Do You Want Butter With The Tortilla?!?!

In previous postings I have stated that I have been to Mexico many times.  Last week, in New Mexico, I was shocked to have been asked if I would like butter with my tortillas!!  BUTTER??  If I was in Mexico, the Tortilla Police would have locked up both the restaurant owner and me for such a thing.  While butter is rarely used in Mexico, it apparently is common to apply it to warm tortillas in New Mexico.  What a surprise.  
So I went for breakfast at Barelas Coffee House, a long established, very busy eatery in the Barelas neighborhood, south of downtown Albuquerque, "where everybody knows your name".

My breakfast this morning was Huevos Rancheros, 
Spicy Goodness!
scrambled, with red chile.  
I'm used to hot and spicy,
but with the first fork full
my mouth was on fire
and I was coughing all over the place.  After giggles from the other tables and some remarks by other patrons, my system settled down and I was able to consume this breakfast delight and the buttered tortillas  with no further issues.  

1502 4th Street SW

Big, clean and busy kitchen

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