Friday, February 4, 2011

Walmart in Mexico

While I have mixed feelings about Walmart's employee policies, I always find it interesting to go to a Walmart in Mexico.
The Mexican way of food handling, display and marketing is slightly different than what we as US citizens and shoppers are used to.
For instance, on a recent trip I found a Walmart meat department employee chopping up fresh chickens on a butcher block right in the middle of the sales floor!  No water, no gloves and it all seemed very strange and old school butcher
                             shop.  No the chickens did not have feathers on them,  She was unwrapping whole chickens, cutting them up and packaging them for sale.  This was an attempt  for shoppers to see super fresh chickens.
I have also seen freshly caught WHOLE octopus on ice in the fish department along with other ocean delights.  This is the real "Bizarre Foods" but live!
Walmart, as well as other large grocery  stores in tourist cities are an attraction as well as a place to shop.  Soriana, Ley, and Mega are all interesting.

                                         Remenber these things??
                                              Found one like this at Soriana
                                              where they still make orange 
                                              juice the old way....spectacular!!                

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