Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fine Dining Bonus

Birthdays in our family are celebrated with visits to better restaurants.
 Fine dining restaurants are always a treat.  Combined with the on-site owner/host
 and veteran waiters make it even a better experience that cannot be found at casual chain restaurants.  Comparing the two is not even fair anyway.
So, after being seated by Marco, 3rd generation owner of Solaris in Hackensack, New Jersey,
myself and my brother-in-law reached for our reading glasses.  OOps, AGAIN. we forgot them.
Marco, sensing something was wrong, questioned what was wrong?  We left our reading glasses home.  He returned a minute later with an assortment of reading glasses!!!!  Now that is full service, one reason why that Solaris has been there forever carrying on the tradition of the Solari Family for over 75 years.........Oh, did I mention the food and service was outstanding?

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