Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fine Dining Bonus

Birthdays in our family are celebrated with visits to better restaurants.
 Fine dining restaurants are always a treat.  Combined with the on-site owner/host
 and veteran waiters make it even a better experience that cannot be found at casual chain restaurants.  Comparing the two is not even fair anyway.
So, after being seated by Marco, 3rd generation owner of Solaris in Hackensack, New Jersey,
myself and my brother-in-law reached for our reading glasses.  OOps, AGAIN. we forgot them.
Marco, sensing something was wrong, questioned what was wrong?  We left our reading glasses home.  He returned a minute later with an assortment of reading glasses!!!!  Now that is full service, one reason why that Solaris has been there forever carrying on the tradition of the Solari Family for over 75 years.........Oh, did I mention the food and service was outstanding?

Realistic Coffee

I live near a "large retail computer store".  Set up like a Barnes and Noble store, only selling computers, there is a coffee bar setup for customers waiting on repairs and consulting.
A misinformed local traffic reporter called it a "KEY- or-ek" coffee machine.  I'll call it "Kor-ech"!!!  It's a great idea for those who want a quick cup but at great expense.  The settings begin at  whopping 4  ounces. Really?  Who drinks a 4 ounce cup of coffee?!?!
The increments are 4, 6, 8 and 10 BUT the larger the size, using the same K-Cup, the weaker the coffee is, unless you use 2 K-Cups or more to make one cup which can be very costly.  Anyway my choice of coffee was 8 ounces which resulted in a extremely weak cup of tasteless brown water; something a passing car would spray after a rain.  I report, you decide.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Walmart in Mexico

While I have mixed feelings about Walmart's employee policies, I always find it interesting to go to a Walmart in Mexico.
The Mexican way of food handling, display and marketing is slightly different than what we as US citizens and shoppers are used to.
For instance, on a recent trip I found a Walmart meat department employee chopping up fresh chickens on a butcher block right in the middle of the sales floor!  No water, no gloves and it all seemed very strange and old school butcher
                             shop.  No the chickens did not have feathers on them,  She was unwrapping whole chickens, cutting them up and packaging them for sale.  This was an attempt  for shoppers to see super fresh chickens.
I have also seen freshly caught WHOLE octopus on ice in the fish department along with other ocean delights.  This is the real "Bizarre Foods" but live!
Walmart, as well as other large grocery  stores in tourist cities are an attraction as well as a place to shop.  Soriana, Ley, and Mega are all interesting.

                                         Remenber these things??
                                              Found one like this at Soriana
                                              where they still make orange 
                                              juice the old way....spectacular!!