Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wayback Machine

Mexico is my vacation home.  No, I don't own a home there, I go there a lot!!

 A recent trip to Puerto  Vallarta brought me to San Sebastian, a secluded town, high in the mountains that has existed since the 1600's.  Today's San Sebastian is nothing compared to when silver was mined there.  There are a few restaurants, a B&B, a couple of bodegas and nothing much else except for a church.  On the edge of town is Tony Sanchez and his "distilleria"  Tony makes a drink here that is called Raicilla (ray-SEE-ah).  Raicilla is made from agave, or roadside agave as I call it and not from Blue Agave which tequila is made from.  Raicilla is essentially Mexican Moonshine and is a very regional drink.  Outside of the Vallarta region it is really not availible.  Tony does not distribute or ship his products.  You must make the journey to San Sebastian from Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara.  Organized tours go there as well as limited bus service.

Tony describes Racilla and Tequila

The other foodie place there is the La Quinta Organic Coffee plantation.  Going here is like being inside your TV on the Travel Channel!!  Visit Rafael and Rosa for a sample of their coffee
and a quick glimpse of their jungle coffee plantation and their parrots.  He will package beans or ground coffee for you.

Non-sensical Reviews

If you have to make a show or a movie within 1 hour of entering a "better" restaurant, DON'T GO THERE and expect to make the event!  A recent birthday dinner with family at a semi fine dining restaurant in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, brought me to read reviews on after dinner was ordered.  A recent customer gave the restaurant a hateful review, with expectations of having a quick dinner and leaving.  This just doesn't work.  Anyone with a brain would be able to tell this is not a "casual" restaurant with quick service.  If you want to make a movie in a mall and get there fast, go to a chain restaurant.  Don't complain about  slow service when you're loaded up on Red Bull.  You have to enjoy what you're eating and drinking at Mezza Notte in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Food Network Thank You

First things first.
This will be my first posting to my new Blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Food Network, especially Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay, both of whom I have never met, for giving the "mom and pop" restaurants across the country an opportunity of a lifetime, by giving exposure and profiling their restaurants.  Personally, I have visited several and enjoyed most of them.  I really feel happy for the owners.